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Quick, informative and engaging videos that explain why your business is best. Videos that give people the 'Ah ha this is for me' moment, turning them into your customer.


These are great if you're looking for something a bit more information intensive. Maybe you need an engaging way to highlight a successful project, or explain a new procedure at your workplace. 


To the untrained eye your new software could seem daunting to understand, these videos help guide a user through a process so they really 'get' your platform - and ultimately keep using it!

Pass The Keys

Own a property and want to earn extra money renting it out on Airbnb? Without Pass The Keys it's a right hassle. We created a short, snappy video that explains their service in record timing.


When it comes to social media you often see the same irrelevant, boring and low quality content spread around. Finding fresh and engaging posts takes time. That's where Quuu comes in. We created this fun video to explain their offering quickly and get people clicking sign up!


Direct marketing can be a bit of a headache, MDirector approached us to create a fun, short and sweet video that would show the benefits of using their platform.

Tenant Success

Slick, clean and on brand are all words that have been used to describe the video we created for Tenant Success. The video is placed on their homepage and is actively converting leads into customers.

Risk Factory 

Data protection can be daunting, but with Risk Factory it's made super simple. The explainer video we designed for them is on their website and being used at events to show people why they are the go-to company for data compliance.


The next time you pay for something, think about using Divido. Divido lets you pay for purchases through monthly instalments. It was great to work on this slick, clear and concise video to help demonstrate how Divido works. We also broke the video down into three separate smaller videos, which was a great way to maximise the usage of the content.


BetterWare needed a fun, punchy and targeted way of engaging new distributors. Getting a video designed was the perfect solution to get their message across a little bit differently than traditional means.


121with is the digital marketplace for sourcing online services, expertise and knowledge, we created a short, sweet and dare we say it...fun animation that explains how their service works!

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You might already know what you're looking for, we can make it for you.
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"Hands down one of the best studios I've worked with in a long while. Professional, fast, and produced very high quality work. Will definitely work with again!"

Geoffrey M - Favr.tt


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Cove on our UK national brand campaign. They exceeded all of our expectations and provided excellent creative direction along with an incredibly professional relationship & extremely prompt response times. I would highly recommend working with them and will most definitely be using them again for any future animation campaigns we may have. Such a breath of fresh air to work with such a motivated and talented business. Thank you!

Marie - 31Dover

"We walked away with a quality explainer video that we are now proud to market and spread to the world."

Jason S - Asheville Web Design Company

"A perfect video and excellent communication"

Jeremy R - Optegra Financial Software Ltd

"Excellent job, very attentive, highly responsive and great ideas."

Ian S - Baxter International